The Strip, The Most Famous Street In Las Vegas

The Strip, The Most Famous Street In Las Vegas

Anyone who likes fun has ever dreamed of knowing the North American city of Las Vegas . That corner of the world that seems to never rest and where the entertainment offer is incredibly wide is the desire of many travelers.

Las Vegas is mainly divided into two particularly interesting areas. On one side, the Strip, and on the other, Fremont Street. But what difference does each one of them make? Let’s start in parts.

When we talk about the Strip, we are referring to the most famous street in the city. It is here where we can find the most famous casinos and hotels, which has become one of the most visited (and also photographed) avenues in the world.

With 5 kilometers in length, it is not only possible to admire the most luxurious buildings, but also to enjoy different shows offered by the hotels. In addition, on the Strip is the most visited shopping center in Las Vegas, the Fashion Show Mall where you can find the best clothing stores, as well as restaurants and fast food outlets.

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Without a doubt, the best time to walk the Strip is when the night begins to fall and the atmosphere is dressed up. Nothing better than taking advantage of this moment to discover every corner of the city and observe the behavior of the people.

Fremont Street, for its part, represents the old part of the city, which is why it has become the second most important street in the city. Here you can enjoy the famous Fremont Street Experience show .

This street plays an important role in the life of Las Vegas although it is true that many travelers with just time decide to put it aside and just visit the Strip. However, those who have enough time should not miss the opportunity to visit it.

The scene of several films, Fremont Street used to be the most recognized in Las Vegas until at the end of the 20th century the Strip won the battle to become the most iconic site in the city, making the big casinos and hotels move to it. another point of the city.

No one who has set foot in this city will regret having lived the experience in the two most important streets of the place.

But what things can you do in Las Vegas? Apart from going to the many casinos, which continue to operate despite the fact that technology already allows us to play online slots for real money , and which we have seen in numerous movies such as the Ocean’s Eleven saga.

Well, for example, you can take a gondola ride. In the Venetian they have a series of channels that run through the interior and exterior of the hotel, with all the necessary props to make you think that you are in Venice itself.

Another thing that you should not miss is contemplating the magic of the Bellagio Fountain, a sound and light show without equal and that, also, is free.

And if you want to see the city in a different way, be sure to go up the High Roller, the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, or to the top of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris casino.

Soon the casinos will reopen and the city of Las Vegas will regain its vibrancy, splendor and spectacular nights of fun.

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